Ideas For The Perfect Night In

anynightIN means exactly that! Whatever night you can imagine having out with friends and/ or family, we will help you recreate in the comfort of your own home.

From a live performance of your favourite local band, an exclusive DJ set just for you and your friends, a world class dining experience with a top quality chef and much more. The only limit is you imagination.

To help you engage that imagination, here are some of the popular experiences other people around the world are having with anynightIN...

  • The Glamping Society Experience

  • ChillaxBBQ

  • EPL Legends Dinner 6 Pax

  • Fat Prince Presents Little Feast

  • Neon Pigeon Presents Little Party Flock

  • Elsa Van Der Nest

  • Fat Prince Presents Fat Feast

  • Neon Pigeon Presents Big Party Flock

  • anynightIN Romantic Dinner For Two

  • Ethan Leslie Leong Cocktail Masterclass

  • anynightIN Dinner & Drinks Experience

  • The BBQ