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You've just spent weeks watching the drama unfold on your favourite reality TV show, discussing the rollercoaster journey with your friends. What better way to keep that excitement going than to book one of the show's starts to deliver a special message during your night in with those friends?

Enjoy a half time Q&A with former footballing idols, while hosting a night in to watch the match with your friends. Enjoy the banter with one of the legends from your club, hear stories from the dressing room and get their view on how the m match is going. Take your simple night in watching the match to a night you and your friends will never forget.

Upgrade the event further by incorporating some of our others services, from a chef to oversee the BBQ to a bar person to make sure your glasses are never empty. The only limit is your imagination, and we can help with that.


anynightIN offers the opportunity to create the ultimate night in, whatever that me be. Here are some ideas to help you decide...


Invite your mates for dinner to watch the Liverpool match, have our chef create a menu, a bar person to mix your drinks and a half time zoom call with a former legend

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